Saturday, September 20, 2008

Study update

Well I have been so busy with work lately and that raises the question "Who isnt?". We recently upgraded our distribution switch, chucked the Nortel Baystack and replaced it with Cisco Cat-3550. It is now responsible for routing Inter VLAN traffic in our office.

The good part about the upgrade was eliminating all of the "router on a stick" configuration for many of VLANs in place. Apparently, it has also stopped our router (Cisco 2801) from crashing and rebooting frequently. We're also in progress of implementing our new monitoring system, i.e ZenOS. It will be a robust system, aiding in proactive monitoring to increase operational efficiency while combining the features of our existing monitoring tools.

As far as studies is concerned, I am on Chapter 19 reading getting a feel for MPLS, especially MPLS VPNs. We have MPLS VPNs (VRFs) implemented for a couple of our end customers. Last week, I also received my Routing TCP/IP Volume I book. I cant wait to dig into it.

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